This just stinks

Posted: February 13, 2009 in liberals

Last week we found out McCain was checked to see if he was qualified as a natural born citizen but Obummer wasn’t during the election. Now Obummer has a cadre of lawyers not only fighting to keep all his records sealed from the public BUT they are going after the lawyer who has dared to file a motion for disclosure. What is this thug trying to hide!!!??? And why aren’t more people interested in this???? This just stinks. As I’ve stated many times ad nauseum, all this could have gone away months ago and if he is indeed a natural born citizen, then those that are making the big noise would have been made to look like kooks. The fact that he has lawyers fighting to not only keep the records sealed but now they are after the guy hired by some citizens to get to the bottom of this. What an effective way to shut people up. If this lawyer caves will another lawyer step forward and refuse to be intimidated? What other recourse would people who think the public has a right to an answer on this basic Constitutional requirement have ? Bush didn’t hide his records–hell some were even made up about him. I don’t even think Clinton fought to have any of his records sealed. More Chicago political machine tactics and THAT is the Change we’re getting. Unbelievable.


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