Waxing poetic about the past

Posted: February 19, 2009 in conservatives, Economy, liberals

Been outta town, going outta town again in a few days. Probably won’t have a decent connection either. Getting old sucks. Things ache that didn’t just a few years ago. I’m lucky my folks are still around but they are not doing well so off I go to help as much as I can. Wish me luck trying to convince them to move closer to us. I have a good shot in light of recent events but it’s a funny thing about the elderly–they can be real stubborn.
But that’s the way it is.
I actually envy them. They lived in a time where roles were more defined and America was still the land of opportunity. Now it’s become the land of grift. Politicians have figured out how to get people to vote them in and keep them in office. The scales have been tipped and the ignorant hordes have managed to elect a socialist to the highest office in the land. They are so stupid that they don’t even know how screwed they, actually all of us, are. This stimulus scam package is going to be the ruin of us all financially. That’s the worst part. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell if it only affected the ignorant boobs who elected this clown. That’s not the way it is though. The class warfare, race warfare, and continued assault on those that have tried to work hard and make good decisions rolls on. I think I read somewhere last week where a pundit actually told someone in their 20’s who asked what he could do to survive in this country now that he should probably start looking for another country to live in. I couldn’t agree more and that’s actually what we’ve been doing. We’re not the only ones. You see people don’t want to live somewhere where they can’t see a reward for their hard work and sacrifice. That’s the main difference between those that view themselves as conservative and those that see themselves as libtards. It’s a difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. I’m conservative (duh!). I see people going to schools, given the same books and having the opportunity—whether they take advantage of that or not is their business. How do you explain the fact that those of Asian heritage routinely excel academically whereas those of other heritages don’t do as well? The opportunity is there isn’t it? It’s a cultural thing. Libs demand equality of outcome. Everyone should have the same stuff, the same education, you know…the same. That’s one of the major flaws in liberal thinking. It puts the responsibility for success of the morons on the backs of those that try to do well. It takes from those that are working hard for it and gives it to those that are sitting on their collective asses. From the minority to the majority. Did any of these idiots ask themselves what would happen if the people that have worked hard, tried to save, and improved themselves through education just gave up? Jobs would dry up, investment would disappear. That’s what’s happening now. Poor people don’t create jobs unless it’s government jobs to administer welfare or other aid.
Anyway, where all this is going is back to my kinda sorta envy of my parents generation. Were there bad things that happened in their lifetime? You betcha. Segregation was a very ugly chapter. WW2, the Great Depression, Korea, Vietnam…gosh you name it. But it just seemed that overall people were more cohesive. They recognized and united against common enemies. How would the US have survived if people today lived during the run up to WW2 and Pearl Harbor? They were smart enough to realize that it didn’t matter what was going on behind the scenes, 12/7/41 was beyond the pale and had to be answered. None of this ridiculous hand-wringing and ‘why do they hate us’ nonsense. Sometimes things are pretty cut and dried and have to be dealt with accordingly. The Thug In Chief is not going to have an easier time with islamotards than Bush. For all his posturing and dialogue crap he’s going to learn the hard way (and how many innocent Americans are going to have to pay with their lives?) that these scum of the Earth don’t give a rat’s ass about dialogue. They have one goal in mind–a world dominated under the cult religion they call islam. So he’s just signed a trillion dollars of our lives away. That comes out to something like a $30,000 check each family has to write to the federal government. We as a nation are so far in debt and to whom? That’s scary to contemplate but not many are. Oh well, it’s a sad day for this country and unless there is a great awakening, I don’t see it getting any better.
Gosh, I thought Mr. Hopeychangitude was supposed to give us hope….and change.


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