Oh Gawd

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Global Warming, liberals

Did I ever mention that I was sick of global warming crap. Recently renamed ‘climate change’ so when it gets as cold as a well digger’s balls they can still claim man is to blame. Anyhoo…I won’t copy/paste the blog entry here but I will say it’s on an official county extension office website and it was yapping about some tree planting ceremony before a major sporting event. On hand was some expert (first clue is screwy) on climate change to assist with this ‘counting of carbon credits’. You see, this assclown owns a company (SURPRISE!) that specializes in….wait for it….trading carbon credits!!!! Of course he’s going to want to be in on this juicy little deal. I shouldn’t have been too shocked because we are talking county government and we know most of those dillweeds are only too happy to pile on to Al Gore’s crapwagon. Trouble is, I’ve been doing an extra amount of reading lately on the science (and I AM using that term loosely) used to support Mr. Bore’s assertions. Saying it’s thin is an understatement. Just a quick example…there was a study that trumpeted itself as proof of man made global warming. The data? OK…here goes….say there exists 20 years of global climate temperatures. When graphed there are the peaks and valleys you’d expect from data such as that. But what if out of that 20 years of data they took only five years–three of which showed a spike and two didn’t. Average those together and you’d get a warming trend. Voila! There’s your proof. It’s hotter dangit. They’ll even mention where they got the data and how long it’s been around giving the illusion that they used all of the info. They don’t say they isolated it down to what would give them the results they wanted. Here’s another quickie. There are temperature gauges all over the world, have been for years. A few have been in the area most of us know as Siberia. When the Soviet Union fell those stations stopped being operated. The new Russia had enough problems and running weather stations in the middle of BFS wasn’t a priority. So…no data. Now anyone with a basic elementary school degree (that would be most liberals) would understand that when the stations closed there was no data recorded and Siberia is synonymous with mind-numbing coldness in the middle of summer. Well, kinda like the first instance if you lose a part of your usual data it’s going to skew the results and it did. Temps started trending up. VOILA! More proof of man made global warming. Jesus Christ what a bunch of liars these assholes are. And all to separate well-meaning people from their money. Just reprehensible.
Oh…and that ‘expert in climate change’? Here’s his credentials
Mark van Soestbergen
University of Florida
BA, Political Science, Asian Studies, 1986

Yep…sounds like an expert in climate change to me. Unbefucking believable.


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