Bad Decisions

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Economy, liberals

Anyone who reads this knows how I feel about the economy and who I blame for 75% of the problems we are now facing. For some politicians it may be that their good intentions lead them to support legislation that once enacted had negative consequences. For others the legislation was just another way to push through a larger agenda for making more people subservient to the mighty Feds. Those are the evil ones. The ones that can proclaim that they were only trying to help when in reality they KNEW what they were doing would be detrimental. This is an example of how giving something for nothing most of the time results in bad outcomes. People that have a history of making bad decisions that have gotten them in to bad situations do not often rise to the occasion and learn from their mistakes. Easy come, easy go in a way. It’ll never be reported or publicized in any way but I am willing to bet at least 60% of Habitat for Humanity homes end up the same way. No one would volunteer and it would besmirch the insipid Jimmy Carter’s legacy. Not like he doesn’t besmirch himself on a regular basis anyway. Jerk.

  1. Tom Awtry says:

    Please take a look of what I consider our Senate’s top spenders:

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