Tax cheats, hidden agendas, oh my

Posted: March 5, 2009 in Economy, liberals

Just another day in the Obummer administration. I wonder if all these tax cheats like Geithner have ever paid up? Anyhoo….now some goob by the name of Chas W. Freeman, Jr. will be appointed (it’s a done deal–any attempt to investigate this guys ties to foreign interests will be a show) to a very sensitive post as chairman of the NIC. According to the Washington Times,
Among the areas likely to be scrutinized in the vetting process are Mr. Freeman’s position on the international advisory board of the China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC). The Chinese government and other state-owned companies own a majority stake in the concern, which has invested in Sudan and other countries sometimes at odds with the United States, including Iran.
Mr. Freeman is also president of the nonprofit educational organization Middle East Policy Council (MEPC), which paid him $87,000 in 2006, and received at least $1 million from a Saudi prince. He also has chaired Projects International, a consulting firm that has worked with foreign companies and governments.

I’m like one commenter on the site, I barely blink anymore when I read this stuff. I’m so used to this administrations appointments of thugs, lobbyists, political hacks, and other socialist travelers it hardly merits a shrug. More change we can believe in. If 2010 doesn’t bring people around…..

Saw a new catchy phrase the other day: Obama lied, the economy died. Perfect. I must start jotting these down. They may come in handy by summer.
Speaking of the economy, I’m shocked at how much people have lost in their retirement and pensions. I know one lady whose husband died a few years ago. They had been saving for years and putting money in various retirement accounts as we all should. Today it’s not worth half of what it was two years ago. This is money they worked hard for and saved thinking it would be there for them when they retired. She’s a widow and retired herself now. She’s worried what will happen when the money runs out. Not to worry–Obummer’s gonna take care of everything right? Want to hear something funny? When she called the company or person that administers her retirement funds and told her she wanted to move her money to some other account that wouldn’t keep hemorraghing so much, you know what the twit said? Typical crap—this isn’t all Obummer’s fault. I’d love for some ill-informed wretch to tell me that. Hell yeah it’s 75% of his fault. He only got inaugurated in January. The Dems, who control the purse strings, have been in power since Jan of 2007 and Obummer’s been pretty much in control since October. Hope and friggin’ change.


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