UK Snub?

Posted: March 6, 2009 in liberals
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The hubby told me about this last night. I guess it’s some sort of tradition when visiting dignitaries come for the first time that gifts are exchanged–something representative of the various countries. The UK PM and his wife brought some dresses made by somewhere in the UK and some desk set made of wood from an anti-slavery ship which is rare. What did our head of state and his alien wife give them? Hats and DVDs. Tacky. Unbelieveably tacky. This comes on the heels of the snub last week of PM Brown by Obummer. I’m speechless and embarrassed. It’s not bad enough this socialist swine is going to drive this country in to the shitter economically but he’s doing his best to alienate our staunchest allies. More here. For the record, I really don’t give a rat’s ass who was behind the snub. Obummer’s supposed to be so enlightened and intelligent, the blame falls squarely on him. I’m also willing to bet he’ll give his islamoturd terrorist friends more consideration.
Speaking of Obummer, apparently he goes nowhere without his teleprompter. I guess having real wit and not reading something someone else has written just isn’t on his list of gifts.
Before the summer’s out, I think even some liberals are going to be inwardly waxing poetic about their archnemsis GWB. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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