But I thought ‘HE’ would make them love us?

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Terrorism

I’m not going to simply post the link. I’m going to copy/paste the whole article to save you the trouble. This fucking tool in the White House is going to get more innocent Americans killed. I guess he’ll fit the real problems in between signing feel good bills that spend more taxpayer money on useless projects to make his cocksuckers happy and his Wednesday night cocktails and Kobe parties that last until after midnight.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Obama bitch slapped by “Moderate Taliban”
Obama being illogical – Taliban

March 10, 2009 06:28pm

AFGHANISTAN’S Taliban today turned down as illogical US President Barack Obama’s bid to reach out to moderate elements of the insurgents, saying the exit of foreign troops was the only solution for ending the war.

Mr Obama, in an interview with the New York Times, expressed an openness to adapting tactics in Afghanistan that had been used in Iraq to reach out to moderate elements there.

“This does not require any response or reaction for this is illogical,” Qari Mohammad Yousuf, a purported spokesman for the insurgent group, said when asked if its top leader Mullah Mohammad Omar would make any comment about Mr Obama’s proposal.

“The Taliban are united, have one leader, one aim, one policy…I do not know why they are talking about moderate Taliban and what it means?

“If it means those who are not fighting and are sitting in their homes, then talking to them is meaningless. This really is surprising the Taliban.”

In Iraq, the use of Sunni Muslim community leaders to employ their people to patrol their neighbourhoods has been credited as one of the main reasons behind sharp falls in violence.

Mr Obama did point out that compared to Iraq, the situation was more complex in Afghanistan, where nearly 70,000 foreign troops, 38,000 of them American, are due to be joined in coming months by another 17,000 US soldiers.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who has been leading Afghanistan since US-led troops overthrew the Taliban in an invasion in 2001, welcomed Mr Obama’s proposal.

The number of foreign troops in Afghanistan has risen steadily since Taliban’s ouster after they refused to hand over al-Qaeda leaders responsible for the September 11 attacks on the US.

So has the level of Taliban attacks against the Government and foreign forces, prompting Mr Obama to term Afghanistan as a top foreign policy priority for his new administration.

Some Western politicians and military officers now say the war cannot be won by military means alone and a solution will have to involve some form of reconciliation.

Yousuf said expulsion of foreign troops was the only solution for Afghanistan’s spiraling violence.

“Afghans know better how to decide about their destiny,” he replied when asked if the Taliban were willing to hold talks with Karzai’s Government should and when the troops leave.

Since “Community organizer” Obama took office,North Korea has told him / the USA to piss off or they will blow them away with a nuke, China is harassing US naval ships as I write, Hugo Chavez is emboldened to the point of laughing out loud at the USA,Russia is flying through the skies wherever and whenever it wants messing with US planes,Iran has promised to implement it’s nuclear capacity to blow Israel off the map,the NY stock exchange is at it’s lowest point of any new administration in 90 years, and the Taliban, aka Islamic Sociopaths Inc. or “moderate Taliban / Islam” have accused him of been “illogical”.

Why ?…… because now THEY can.
This master tactician, this master community organizer is surely just lulling these pricks into a false sense of security…. Isn’t he?

I noticed in today’s news there’s been another suicide bombing in Iraq with 30 or more casualties. Is it my imagination or have the number and magnitude of the attacks increased since December and is the media ignoring them?


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