Feelin’ all kinds of gooey goodness

Posted: March 11, 2009 in Economy
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Where to begin….MSNBC had a little poll asking people to grade Obummer’s performance thusfar. Here’s how it ended.

Now…WND has picked up the story here.

Couple this with some articles coming out that some establishment types in DC think he’s in ‘over his head’ (who KNEW!?) and the support he’s lost from moderate Dems and I am just giggling like a little girl who just got asked to her first dance. I figured it would take until the summer before he really tanked but jeepers and gosh golly if he didn’t exceed my expectations. I think when all those hardworking folks start looking at their pensions closely they’re going to realize that this tool’s economic policies have cost them dearly and if some ch-ch-ch-changes are made quickly, they could be in a very ugly situation come retirement. I know of people that have lost half or more of their savings. This is something they’ve worked hard for and tried to sock away to take care of them in their old age. Hopefully with all the grassroots organizations popping up, more people getting involved by letting their elected officials know how they feel, and a general feeling of outrage over the duplicity and deceit exhibited by this administration we can have real change back to sensible government that is responsive to the needs of achievers and not the economic vampires out there.


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