Screw the UN

Posted: March 13, 2009 in Economy, liberals, Terrorism, Uncategorized

No really. I’d love to send the secretary general Long Duc Dong a big jar of vaseline. How dare he go whining about the US being deadbeat. Hey…here’s a thought. You can take it out of what those bottom feeders who hide under their magical diplomtic immunity cloaks owe the city of NY for traffic tickets. Did we really need any more proof what a complete waste of space and oxygen this organization is?

In other happy whoha news:
US households lost 11 TRILLION + in the last quarter of last year. That would be a reflection of the September financial attack orchestrated by Soros and company to get Obama elected. Details on that little fiasco are still trickling out but in this day and age where stuff can be tracked it’s only a matter of time before the full brunt of what went down the day there was this mysterious crash out of no where in the markets. It also explains why Obummer didn’t seem concerned enough to get his stupid ass off the campaign trail and go back to DC and actually hit a lick of work. Hell…he never did anything prior to that so why bother right?
This loss in the last quarter also reflects the effect of small businesses, which in case you didn’t know employ most of the people in this country, started laying off people and cutting expenses where they could when it became obvious Obummer was going to win.
Just scary shit. Where is it going to end? Who knows but it’s straight out of Atlas Shrugged. The woman must have been a soothsayer.

In other corrupt dimocrap news, Maxine Waters, a real piece of work if there’s ever been one (remember she’s the one that vehemently defended the head of Freddie/Fannie back in 2005 I think–saying the calls for more oversight were RACIST) has some pretty dirty mitts when it comes to the banking industry. A corrupt dimocrap? Ya don’t say.

As usual, Obummer can’t find time for our main ally, but he can find time to talk to terrorist organizations. What a guy.

I thought if we elected Obummer the Europeans would LOVE us and just do anything for us. Ooops.

And if you’re keeping score on Obummer’s lies and broken promises, here’s an update.


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