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Posted: March 16, 2009 in Economy
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Question: Has there ever been a president before Odummer that didn’t get a huge bounce from the stock market and public opinion at least in the first two months? Not in my memory. It’s because of this whole ‘honeymoon’ thing. People realize that you cut newbies some slack when they take a new job. Odummer is a pathetic president so far. The markets realized this early on and now more people are starting to realize what an albatross we’ve been saddled with…just pathetic.
So last week there was an ongoing poll at MSNBC that was alternately flooded with those of us non-koolaid drinkers then the koolaid drinkers. Those polls were just for shits and giggles. However some serious polling places have started doing their own polling. I really don’t trust any poll to be honest but these things were constantly quoted during GWB’s time in office so I’m going to post them here. Actually the WSJ has a good commentary on this information but the skinny is…he’s polling lower than GWB during the same time period of GWB’s first term in office. This WON’T make the evening news.

This boob is such a colossal failure on so many fronts. Even I didn’t expect things to come to a head this soon. Perhaps the cluefucked masses are starting to get a clue.


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