Tea parties

Posted: March 16, 2009 in conservatives, Economy, liberals
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I’m a bit ticked this am. I don’t agree with everything conservative/libertarian pundits say which I think is a hallmark of being conservative/libertarian. We don’t march in herds like the sheeple liberals. However I’m really taking exception to two things that some pundits are either trying to downplay or ignore. First is the Obummer BC issue. It could be solved so easily but it really appears that there’s something to hide. Many pundits have downplayed it and said we need to move on. I disagree. This is a fundamental requirement. If he is not eligible then not only has he lied on a horrendous scale but everyone that gave the issue a pass when it could have been decided early on should be raked over the coals.
Next are these tea party ideas. I see this am that Boortz is slamming them. While I would agree the sending of tea bags to a Congressman may seem silly on the surface because it won’t actually get to the Congressman, if it gums up the post office THAT would be a story, THAT would get attention.
Then there are all these rallies that so far aren’t getting much media attention. I think there were 2000 in Ohio over the weekend. We don’t need people saying it’s useless, we need to keep that going. We need marches, protests, sign wavers, and more. We need to get the attention of our elected officials much like liberals have been doing since the sixties. It’s why they are where they are. They’ve been getting their message out even when they were truly fringe groups but it grew. So I say don’t let these pundits get us down and make us stop. We should be talking around the office and gatherings to get our word out. It has to start somewhere. Let it start now.


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