Wasn’t Social Security supposed to be this?

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Economy
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Obummer owes A LOT of people for his elevation to the highest office in the land. So far he’s doing a darn good job of paying them back. One group he probably owes more to than anyone else would be unions. Particularly the Service Employees International Union. Well guess what, they are promoting a plan that would take retirement accounts, even 401(k)s and put them under this big ole umbrella that….the government would administer. You shouldn’t be shocked. When I worked for a Class I railroad we had our own retirement system that the government was dying to get their mitts on. There’s a pantload of money that they could use to redistribute and buy votes for cripes’ sake! More here.
One thing…Social Security was supposed to be a retirement account so far. My folks along with many others bought in to the idea that they were socking away money for their golden years and good old government was going to handle the details. I can tell you they are barely scraping by. Every cost is weighed. They do without. Their health is poor like many and meds take a big chunk of their monthly checks. Here’s the bitch—if one of them dies the other only gets the higher of the two checks–not both. If that money was earned by both shouldn’t the survivor get the remaining as a benefit? Nope…because government takes it. Social Security is a huge scam. People still think the money that gets taken out of their checks is resting in some nice little account. I have news for you. The only thing resting anywhere is a big IOU scrawled on a piece of paper. That money was borrowed against a long time ago. It is a huge Ponzi scheme. Just like what Madoff is getting prosecuted for now but when the government does it, it’s legal.
Some folks out there realized a long time ago what SS meant and started putting money in to retirement accounts. Now Comrade Obummer is probably going to try to push through some legislation that will allow the government to just take that money. People better wake up to what is going on or you will be like my parents and so many others.
One last question: If SS was so good, why aren’t our elected officials paying in to it too?


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