Coming soon to a hospital near you

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Economy, liberals
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Yes, this is the future of healthcare in the US if Obummer gets his way. But it’s all good right because everyone will be treated the same right?

Tragic news about Natasha Richardson’s death. I guess more details will be leaked but it doesn’t sound like the fall is what did it. I’m thinking aneurysm in which case it was a bomb waiting to go off. I’ve known people who had them. The only symptom one girl had was she got this splitting headache that started suddenly. If they hadn’t rushed her to the ER and found it quickly it would have burst and death would have been a certainty. Just last year I think a politician in Ohio died from one and I think she was asymptomatic. One thing strikes me about this case. Ms. Richardson was taken to a hospital in Montreal but them flown to the US, to a hospital that specializes in brain trauma. Is this an indictment on Canada’s single pay system that she couldn’t get the high level of care she needed that could have saved her life there? It was a hospital in a major metropolitan city in Canada. That’s usually where these advanced care facilities are located. Who knows. Maybe more on that will come out but one has to wonder.
My thoughts are with any family that loses a loved one so suddenly.


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