What they don’t tell you…

Posted: March 21, 2009 in liberals

Might they be adherents to the religion of piss? Here’s a mad idea. If they are intentionally setting fires as retaliation, don’t put them out. Secure the perimeter so the fires don’t jump to areas not part of the problem and let the muthafucka buildings burn to the ground. Tell them those buildings will not be rebuilt. Tell them that rescue personnel will not be sent in to help them. A high number of these assholes in this area live off the government. Fuck them.

Anyone that knows me knows I love animals. Which is why pictures like this upset me.
I know nothing about the WSPA and I ripped this picture from one of their ads. But I can tell one thing–take a good look at the goons in the background. Care to guess what religion they follow? I don’t often say I hate something but I’m beginning to hate a certain group of people and the cult religion they follow.


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