Earth Day Hour Pfftttt

Posted: March 29, 2009 in Economy, Global Warming

What a load of dogsqueeze. We ended up going to a dirt bike race where loads of fuel was burned. It was a long way from home so I had to fill up my car. Then we came home and lived our lives like we normally do. It was heartening to see all the cars on the road too. Apparently it was a big snoozer for many others. It’s becoming more obvious what a scam man-made global warming is and the deaf ear is being turned. HAHAHAHAHA
On the downside, I hope it doesn’t cause a backlash for the things that we should be doing anyway. Recycle and reuse things around the house. Combine trips in the car. Things that make sense because it saves money AND helps the environment. Not some moronic idea about turning your freaking lights off for one hour to ‘draw attention to climate change’. Spare me.


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