Posted: April 13, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism

Fun when they come, better when they leave. Remember that saying comparing visitors to fish when you go to visit a friend or relative It’s true and yes it does apply to you too.

Be that as it may now I can get back to whatever news I missed while I was entertaining.
First off is this wonderful article from across the pond. I have to add tho can you imagine the hue and cry if a similar headline had appeared in a paper here? Obummer is a complete moron on so many levels. If the world were truly fair he’d be a middle manager at some company and that’s it. I’ve worked with these types of twits many times and believe me they don’t have the brains or instinct to go beyond that. But he reads well, is the right shade, and marches to the right tune (socialism) so he gets the highest office in the land.

I saw over the weekend that his alien wife has to have a full time makeup artist on staff. I guess if I looked like her I’d have to have some serious makeup magic too. She is not attractive on any level. She actually looks pissed all the time so I guess through the magic of makeup and trowel they are trying to soften her look. Sorry folks, you can put lipstick on a pig….oh…that land has been plowed already….

So…the Obummer’s are getting their puppy and the news media is having a collective orgasm over the new name. BFD. It’s just another attempt by the Obummer’s and the MSM to make this pig more palatable. Won’t work.

So…Obummer’s disappointed in Biden? We’re disappointed in you Mr. Hopenchange. I guess that last sentence is incorrect at least for me. Obummer has been living up to my expectations since the election so I’m not disappointed.

And finally a big kudos to the Navy Seals and Captain Phillips. Well done guys. Now if they’d just allow the ships to have armed personnel this problem of piracy could be eliminated with a few more of those bastards going Tango Uniform. OH…they’re threatening revenge. Bring it assholes. I’d dearly love to see the a few Tomahawk missiles launched in to your safe harbor. Did anyone bother to mention these scumbags are muslims? Didn’t think so. What is starting to piss me off is this attempt to humanize these bottom feeders by news organizations like Reuters. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Stockholm Syndrome? No….the fact that ‘they’ve rarely harmed anyone’ is beside the point. They have caused business to lose MILLIONS if not BILLIONS in extorted currency. Why don’t they ask those that have been taken hostage at the point of a gun if they felt all peachy keen during the ordeal or if they have nothing but warm regards for their captors? Unbelievable bullshit coming out of Reuters. I suppose to be fair Mr. Cawthorne may be having his missives monitored but that’s part of the problem. Get the fuck out of there and report on the events as they really happen. To do otherwise is just plain dishonest. For example this passage from his article:
….like the saga of just-released American hostage Richard Phillips on a lifeboat with four gunmen…
Doesn’t that sound nice? He wasn’t released. Snipers had to take the bastards out to get him. I rest my case.
Now..I have work to do. Have a nice day.


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