How stupid does President Dumbass think we are?

Posted: April 16, 2009 in Economy

Well…pretty stupid if the last election was any hint. But he’s wrong this time. I’m talking about the Tea Party movement. Yeah, no doubt the media are getting their marching orders from the WH who claimed they didn’t know anything about this. They are falling all over each other trying to ignore or downplay this story. If dumbass doesn’t know about this movement which started in late February then what does that say about him as a leader who has his pulse on the people of this country?
I especially liked the various comments by his lackeys that this is no big deal, or it’s all right wing fanatics, and so on. Newsflash–many of the people there identified themselves as independents, Libertarians, and yes…Democrats. So by painting these groups as conservatives/Republicans you are further alienating a lot of people. Heck…one of his minions even said something to the effect that ‘Republicans need to try something new.” HAH….let me see…Odummer’s policies and programs have been tried by both FDR and Johnson. How the hell are policies that have been out there for 60 or more years ‘new’? $11 TRILLION and counting has been spent on programs to ‘lift people out of poverty’ and we still have the same percentage of poor people as existed during Johnson’s Great Society. So tell me again how these old ideas being warmed over by President Teleprompter are going to work?
Three words:

  1. cmblake6 says:

    The Democrats fought against ending slavery in the 1800s. Then, when they lost the war, they changed tactics. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote. They merely changed the aspect of the slavery they still have. If anyone out there be offended by that statement, take a breath, stare at your navel for a moment, and see the truth of it.

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