Domino Sugar and Global Warming

Posted: April 23, 2009 in Global Warming, liberals

More BS on the airwaves.
By now some of ya’ll have probably seen some Domino Sugar commercials touting their ‘carbon free’ sugar (which is stupid considering carbon is one of the components of a molecule of sugar). One of the things that ticks me off about this commercial is it says straight out that carbon is the cause of global warming. Anyhoo…I did some checking and it would seem they have signed on with some outfit called and a quick scan of the who we are section was quite revealing. The founders and upper eschelon had no degrees listed but they did work for the EPA and other companies. There were few earth science-related degrees listed on the rest. Most of the degrees were in public policy, urban planning, and gender studies (?) although I did notice that hiking and kayaking is now a qualification for influencing a company’s manufacturing methods. There are also many links to contribute money (big surprise). Does anyone need more proof that this crap is a scam? Get a bunch of like minded liberal wacko trolls together who think because they ‘feel’ something it must be real, create a company that will ‘help’ other companies decrease their carbon footprint and voila they make a living doing this!!!! In another century these idiots would be traveling snake oil salesmen selling liquor as a cure all and run out of town on a rail.

I am contacting Domino Sugar today to ask them to send me the study/link that proves carbon is causing global warming AND that man is responsible for that carbon. If they cannot, then their commercial is outright lying and should be removed from the airwaves immediately or I will file a complaint with the FCC for misleading/false advertising.
Let’s see if I hear anything back K?

  1. cmblake6 says:

    Such stupidity is truly beyond reason. The chemical formula for sugar explains that. I suppose they’re simply trying to avoid paying Algore “carbon credits”. Can someone please explain to me how giving that conman money is going to change anything? Oh, wait! He’ll have even more money to feed his house and executive jet! MYBAD!

  2. cbullitt says:

    Cmblake said I should stop by. Little did I know I’d see this. As you can probably tell from by blog’s title–and as cmblake will verify AGW hysteria and related global Ponzi schemes are the target of my pet vendetta. I saw the Domino add about two days ago. WTF? These corporate nimrods don’t get it–it’s the falacy of feeding the crocodile so it will eat you last. In reality such “useful idiots” are ALWAYS purged first.
    So little ammunistion, so many targets.

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