How do they get away with the whining?

Posted: May 11, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism

Warning: Explicit language below…I’m ticked and on a diatribe here. You’ve been warned.

Glad you asked….I’ll tell you. Because the conservative leadership are a bunch of spineless idiots. Miss California DARES to answer a question honestly…an opinion question mind you and because she doesn’t say what the gay lobby wants her to say now there’s an all out attack on her personally. She’s been called a homophobe and they’ve been working overtime trying to dig up things that are potentially embarrassing to her. Perez Hilton, a sorry ass excuse of a human being if there’s ever been one, calls her a bitch and c$&t but doesn’t get fired immediately. What the hell has he ever done besides suck cock and steal precious oxygen from the atmosphere? For the record, the pics of her they are pushing as nudes, which would violate her contract with Miss California/USA are not nudes in the Penthouse definition of nude so spare me the righteous indignation assholes. We know what you are doing. Your leftard attack machine is in full battle mode because you simply didn’t like someone else’s opinion. I wish you idiots could get that excited over real threats to our country like the clueless socialist goon in the White House and the islamotards that want to KILL you all. They STONE gays to death in countries where shariia law is the prevalent dark ages legal system and they are not shy about wanting to institute that legal system here. Instead your mascara runs and your lipstick smears because one person has the guts, which should be an admirable quality in this day of pandering and duplicitous politicians, to voice their opinion in a public arena when asked. What ever happened to you liberal fucktards being the voice of acceptance and free speech? Oh I know…none of you ever were tolerant of anyone else’s opinion if it ran counter to your worldview.

Then there’s that pathetic ‘comedienne’ Wanda Sykes poke at Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys. She stopped being funny somewhere around 1995. And you have to just love the pic of Odumbass laughing that’s on Drudge today. More here. If there was ever a purer example of a retard with no functioning gate in his brain that tells him to dial the emotion back there’s your proof. I’d repost here but I’m sure even with the hat tip to Drudge it might violate some copyright law so I won’t go there. The hubby reminded me of a comedian who made a joke about a Marine with two bullets on an elevator with Pelousy, OBL, and scReid. He’d shoot Pelousy twice and choke the others. Or something like that. The important part of this story is that Bush was forced to issue an official apology because the leftards howled it was MEEEAAAAAANNNNN. I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Retard in the WH to apologize. He has neither the class nor the scruples.
Which brings me back to my original issue in this post. Screw all of you and any person identifying themselves as conservative from this point on that caves to pressure to apologize for jokes, honest opinions or actions. Until you all start practicing what you preach, FOAD. If the top conservative leadership won’t grow a pair it’ll be up to us on the bottom.

  1. cmblake6 says:

    Rant to your hearts content! That was outstanding!

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