What if Bush…

Posted: May 11, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism

Conflict of interest AND proof he couldn’t get in to Harvard without strings being pulled. Funny thing is, how would an Arab businessman have any knowledge of BO that far back? What connections exist for a powerful man like that to request another powerful man pull strings and would he do it for BO if he weren’t a mooselimb? Another example of hypocrisy on the left that they whined constantly that GWB couldn’t have gotten in to Yale without his daddy’s pull yet on this the left is silent.

OPEC Engineered Obama’s Harvard Admission

September 03, 2008
Legendary civil rights lawyer, Percy Sutton, 87 yrs old, was being interviewed and just innocently admitted that years ago, Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour called him and asked him to use his (Percy’s) connections at Harvard to help Barack Obama get him into law school.
Now the question is who is this gentleman?
Turns out, “his business and professional interests include co-founding the International Law Firm of Al-Waleed, Al-Talal & Al-Mansour, representing the O.P.E.C. interest of the famous Los Angeles trial, I.M.A.W.C. vs. O.P.E.C., according to African Venture partners Here is Percy Sutton, Esq. on Inside City Hall: speaking the truth, but revealing yet another little skeleton about Barack Obama:
Video of Percy Sutton

So, know we know why he doesn’t want offshore drilling


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