A quickie then I’m off

Posted: May 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Even if you only kinda sorta liked the Beatles, go see the Classical Mystery Tour if it’s going to be near you. We saw it recently and it was very good. Except for that insipid “Imagine” song. I detest that song. Has anyone ever really read the lyrics? They’re horrid. What made me think about it today was this article that appeared on the World Net Daily website. On the one hand it’s smacks of barking moonbattery. On the other hand, I kinda believe a portion of it. I think Lennon’s dabbling in mysticism and such is well known. Was it any more than what many of us have done as we were growing up and in to our early 20s…that wonderful period where we are trying out everything while we believed we knew everything already. Who knows, but go see the show. You’ll enjoy it.

Did you see this yesterday? Animals, particularly dogs, are amazing. We never will know what they know. Have a great weekend!


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