Need more proof Greenies are stupid?

Posted: May 16, 2009 in Global Warming, liberals
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Everything they’ve told us would help us has had worse consequences once implemented by the government. Ethanol fuel blends = worse mileage and more pollution. They also contribute to a growing dead zone in the Gulf. Yet here when I go to fill up the fuel is still 10% ethanol.
Then it was wind farms. Oh they are supposed to turn wind in to electricity and save money. But what they don’t tell you is those big fans have to run constantly–powered by fossil fuel–in order to be ready for those big winds that blow up from time to time. Keeping them on that low power is highly inefficient yet the Greenies are forcing the government to finance them.
Next it’s all these ‘global warming initiatives’. More taxpayer funded boondoggles on a completely bogus theory. Cap and trade, carbon offsets, carbon credits. It’s all bullshit and won’t do a damn thing except separate you from more of YOUR hard earned money.
This takes the cake though. Up in the city of Troy, Michigan, they built a solar powered house to prove to people that a house could be built and work off the grid. It’s 800 square feet. And cost $900,000. It doesn’t work. First thing is the square feet to cost ratio. Holy crap–it’s a freaking rabbit hutch and almost a million dollars? I used to live in an apartment just over 400 square feet and I can tell you that’s tiny. Double that for a million dollars???!!! Maybe an apartment in a large city where I had to work but no frick way if it’s in the boonies. That’s stupidity on an amazing scale. But the kicker is the damn thing has so many problems that it is unliveable. Only the government could piss off taxpayer money like that. How can they justify that sort of expense? Read the story here. As usual, don’t skip the comments. They are enlightening. A warning though, anyone reading this needs to pass the word along about things like this that are going on around the country. Our only hope for defeating these wankers and their ridiculous initiatives is to be better informed and make our voices heard. Otherwise huge taxes disguises as eco-friendly gobblydegook are going to be pushed through and it’ll be much harder to fight once that happens.

  1. Bob Cormack says:

    They forgot the First Rule of Engineering for Politicians: You can’t fool Mother Nature.

    Seriously, there are any number of houses in the boonies here in Colorado that are off the grid — my neighbors used to live in one (and most of the miners in the 1800’s too!). Building an “off the grid” house is not rocket science (and doesn’t cost $2000/sq.ft. either).

    What bozos engineered this thing? If this is what we can expect from government, God help us when they take control of health care!

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