I am En Fuego today

Posted: May 18, 2009 in Economy, liberals

I got a gander at this site earlier this morning. If you want to lose brains cells, watch the whole 20 minutes. Basically, the Story of Stuff is a leftist diatribe against commercialism/capitalism. It’s hard to stomach but a really good peek in to the minds of the retarded left. We should all be living in caves as hunter/gatherer societies apparently. Never mind that all this horrid commercialism/capitalism has increased their life expectancy far beyond what it would be without technology. But I digress. The hubby and I were shocked at this level of propaganda and the FACT that it’s being shown by teachers to your kids, heck even churches are showing it. I’m willing to bet my yarn collection that no discussion or rebuttal is being assigned. Luckily, some intrepid individuals have taken the time to pick apart this load of horse squeeze and it’s great. I’m linking here and here to two blogs. Note also that there exists on youtube a four part series that will help if you’re a visual person like myself. Here’s the first of those videos. I haven’t learned to embed the damn things in my blog yet. Yeah…I’m a retard in that matter.


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