What happens when you don’t fawn over ‘artistes’

Posted: May 18, 2009 in liberals

You get called ignorant.
I should set this up. There are these ridiculous displays by hacks calling themselves artistes that take place around the world every year. The local news weasels highlight these events as must-see things to do. I remember one year they had a few things going on in the background as the fluff chick was yapping to one of the organizers. Two of them were throwing paint on each other. That was it. That was the art. It’s crap.
It’s also expected that some of these events would lampoon Christians and conservatives. The comments are fun to read with some weighing in in favor of this crap while other more intelligent call it for what it is–crap. Enter yours truly. One poster mentioned this junk as a reason some in the mooselimb world see us as decadent and depraved. Another poster said they don’t pay attention to things like this. That’s just how freaking stupid the leftards are. This is EXACTLY the sort of dogsqueeze they see and think all of us are in to. These Fringe festivals are international now so I have no doubt the islamofascists are jabbing each other in the ribs and going ‘SEE THERE!’. After agreeing with the first poster for the reasons given above, I get called ignorant. Liberals are really good at that aren’t they? Calling others what they are themselves.
I think my response was adequate.

[QUOTE who=”_________”] _____, your ignorance is stunning. Shame on you.[/QUOTE]
What pray tell did I say that was proof of any ignorance? You know as well as I that if any of these so-called artists dared put on a production making fun of islam or their prophet there would be blood running in the streets, calls for resignations and official apologies, and sensitivity training. It’s the height of stupidity to selectively forget the last 40 years of reactions to anything deemed insulting by their leaders–from Salman Rushdie to political cartoons. But here we can have plays poking fun at a ‘conservative’ and ______________ for their religious stances and it’s just ‘freedom of expression’. I say some of these hacks should put on a few plays making fun of any other religion or adherents and see what hilarity ensues. Until then, spare me the contemptuous name-calling. You prove nothing except your own ignorance


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