Something liberals don’t understand

Posted: May 19, 2009 in liberals, Terrorism

The movie “I Want You” was on last week. It was about the draft during the Korean War and how that affects a small town. Anyway, while I was puttering around a statement by one of the characters made me stop dead, rewind the DVR, and record it. The two men were discussing one of them’s upcoming deployment to Germany to build airstrips.
I quote here:

Do you know if it’ll do any good Harvey?
Harvey (Backus character): Who knows, I hope so. But if they know we have planes all over the world ready to hit them at a moments notice, they’ll think twice, or three times, or a dozen times before hitting us. Maybe they’ll never do it. And I know we won’t start anything. It isn’t peace exactly. I don’t know what you would call it. But whatever it is I must say I prefer it to war.

This was in the early 50s. The screenwriters got it. The public got it. Many of us get it now.
See liberals and dumbocraps don’t get it. No nation has ever been attacked for being strong. It’s the weakness of a target country that compels rogue nations and groups to attack. Odumbass and his followers ARE weakening this nation. It is only a matter of time before we get hit again on our soil. One doesn’t have to have any special abilities to know this. When the stated purpose of groups like Al Queda, islamaah al jambalaya or whateverthehell they call themselves is to take over western civilization, those western countries cannot be weak.
My question is this: If and when it does happen, can we hold those in power personally responsible for the deaths of our loved ones? We should because their actions make them culpable to any death and destruction the enemies of this country inflict.


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