Good intentions

Posted: May 20, 2009 in liberals
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Whoever said the road to hell is paved with good intentions could not have known when first uttered just how true that has become. Look at the hell libtards have wrought on this country under the guise of good intentions.
Race-based set asides in every facet of our life have led to mediocrity in the populations they were supposed to be helping. Now politicians cower every time an appointment comes open because certain groups demand that any new appointee be their choice and it’s usually race-based. Right now in Florida the governor is refusing to name a judge because there isn’t a black on the list. There are women on the list but no blacks so he refuses to make an appointment. Is he automatically going to appoint the black over the other candidates if a new list is produced? Whatever happend to the Constitution, equal protection, qualifications, and all that? This is so illogical. Yet no one dares to say anything aloud of this idiocy. But his intentions are good right?
What about all the entitlement programs both parties have foisted upon us over the year–ostensibly to lift people out of poverty. Good intentions….but we have the same percentage of poor that we had in the 60s under Johnson. It’s been money up a wild horses’ ass basically. Money was taken from those that earned it and given to those that didn’t with no result.
Now we learn Obummerturd is pushing vehicle regulations that will kill thousands because the mileage requirements will force automakers to make lighter cars. It’s been done before with that result. (Does this asshole have any original ideas? I thought he was supposed to be so freaking smart.) I guess the deaths of thousands will be OK to liberals though. Human life doesn’t mean anything to them to start with and if a few thousand people die each year because they’re driving smart cars that’s just less for the carbon footprint right? Will Owl Gore get a smart car? Or Leo DiCaprio? What about Babs, Biden, Baldwin? No they won’t. But like the ridiculous CFL bulb thing, it’s all about good intentions. No matter the consequence. As long as there are good intentions……


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