Another Obummer gaffe

Posted: May 22, 2009 in conservatives, liberals
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He can’t remember the name of his own Secretary of Defense????!!! Fooking retard.

And speaking of gaffe rich environments. Biden is in the ME. Should be good.

OK…to be fair I’m posting this. Big kerfluffle going on between the Retard in the WH and Dick Cheney. It’s a he said/he said kind of thing. A recent CNN poll shows more people are starting to view Cheney in a positive light. Take note GOPers…maybe fighting back against the onslaught of liberal nonsense instead of constantly reaching across the aisle is a good thing…ya think? Anyway Politico has a rundown of the statements being made by Cheney and DumbassinChief to see what passes the smell test. Never say I’m not fair.


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