California gay curriculum riles parents

Posted: May 22, 2009 in liberals

Gee, ya think?

This is why I don’t understand some conservatives that haven’t been supportive at all of Carrie Prejean. Yes…she posed for photos that could be viewed as soft porn, although the ones I’ve see look like Victoria’s Secret catalogue ads. But if we don’t support people that voice their opinions about something like gay marriage, if we look at what the liberal attack machine trots out to discredit conservatives and effectively take the bait, then they win and become emboldened in their attempts to force their ‘lifestyle’ on the rest of us. I don’t care if there’s a civil ceremony for people. But a marriage as a religious thing? Oh hell no.
Liberals close ranks around their most vile and disreputable politicos yet many conservatives seem to expect absolute purity in our ranks–which is impossible to live up to. I guess what I’m saying is there has to be a scale. Pics of a woman in her knickers isn’t on my radar of offenses. Adultery (Clinton), lying under oath (Clinton), substance abuse (Marion Barry), ineptness (Obama), and political grift (just about everyone else) are.

  1. мне кажется: мне понравилось.

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