This is going to piss some rednecks off

Posted: May 22, 2009 in Economy, liberals

Apparently our lovely Congress is brainstorming how to get more of your hard-earned money out of your pockets. One idea being tossed is a tax on beer and wine. A 145% excise tax on beer and a 233% tax on wine to be specific. Looky who sponsored it too. A dumbocrap and a RINO. Figures.
All you rednecks that voted for Mr. Hopeychangitude can kiss your Bud-EYE-zers goodbye if that passes. I can say that too because I come from a background that’s a bit on the red side and yeah…that’s how we pronounce it. Can our Imperian Federal Government under the stewardship of Obimbo, PeLousy, and Dingy Harry get any more draconian? Yeah…they can.


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