Cheney vs Odummer smackdown

Posted: May 23, 2009 in Economy, liberals
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You have to love this. Of course it takes a foreign news outfit to discuss the weaknesses of The Chosen One but it’s a start. Especially since many here get news from many sources. I don’t think I’m fantasizing when I say I’m seeing fewer and fewer BO bumper stickers. I wish I had done some sort of count–like riding through the mall parking lot on several given days just after the election and now just to gauge. I have had to go to the mall on several occasions recently and I didn’t see one bumper sticker outside this anchor store where I usually park. Not one. I know that’s not scientific, but if I usually park there and have seen at least five cars out of 30 in the past and none at least twice recently, I think that’s significant in a non-significant way. I think the media is still in love with the incompetent one but many of the Joe Blows aren’t anymore. The one demographic that will support him no matter what are his fellow Marxists.

What a leader Odummer has turned out to be too. On Drudge today it was reported that we are ‘out of money’. What kind of leader says that? Of course that piece of monkey dung has been spending money like a crack whore with a stolen gold card.
You know it’s bad when a writer for a Russian news agency (Pravda) discusses the decline of the US. Read it and weep.


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