How do I really feel after Iowa?

Posted: January 5, 2012 in conservatives, politics
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No one here need think that I’m a big fan of the GOP–far from it–mostly a bag of worms and weenies. The focus here is on Obama since he’s in the hot seat so to speak so my ire gets directed that way. But I’ll be glad to give my unvarnished view of the GOP candidates for the askin’.

Romney–an entitled, entrenched Republican elitist. Arrogant. Thinks it’s ‘his turn’. Too milquetoast moderate with plenty of baggage that should have knocked him out of the running by now. Would be ineffective. Actually running an ad here where he says ‘I left Bain to save the Olympics’. Four years of arrogance in the WH is enough. Not no but hell no.
Santorum–just don’t know enough about him right now. Mixed bag from what I do. A possible
Paul–a barking moonbat…the GOPs answer to Dennis Kucinich…crazier than a shithouse rat….a nutter. Beyond that…some good ideas domestically, but off the rails crazy on international issues. Not no but hell no.
Perry–disagree on some issues, like on others. A possible
Gingrich–whip smart, would dust floor in a debate. Too much baggage in the end. Just a no.
Huntsman–good quips periodically but no


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