Let’s talk jobs

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, I guess some conservative prognosticators were correct. As we go in to this election cycle, the unemployment picture is going to magically get better. Nevermind that Sears and Kmart are closing stores. OR that several companies have lately declared Chapter 11, Kodak for one. And wait until the military folks start losing their jobs.
So ask yourself, with the above information, how then has the unemployment numbers dropped by 2 million? Easy…the jobs that used to exist don’t anymore with the new Obama math so you don’t have to count the people that used to work them. Get it?
The decrease in unemployment numbers is a lie pure and simple. Nothing has happened to increase employment. Folks need to know that, especially in this election year. They also need to know that as we get closer to November, the numbers released will still magically show a downward trend. Don’t believe it. Ask your friends, relatives, and acquaintances a few months from now. If they are still working, great. If not, then why if things are improving aren’t they?
If the unemployment rates were calculated as usual, it would still be around 11% with real unemployment around 18%. I just cannot believe sometimes the depths this administration, aided and abetted by a sycophantic medai, will use to keep their agenda going.


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