I long for the days where there was just one bit of outrageous news a week

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Economy, liberals, politics
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First we have this bit of news. Emperor Obamus is sooooo busy, focused like a laser on our current economic woes isn’t he?

Then we get the final numbers on how much of Ear Leader’s time is spent screwing around. How’s 25% of the time. That’s how much he spend either golfing or going to fundraisers. Can you imagine if any of us slaves to the great Obamus did that? You get hired for a job which means you must produce something. But instead, in an eight hour day (not including an hour for lunch or bathroom breaks of course), you get your Wii or Playstation out and just screw around for two hours. Or for two hours you go from cube to cube socializing. How long do you think it’ll be before someone noticies you aren’t doing your job? How long would it be before you got a reprimand and if your behavior didn’t change you’d be out of a job? Furthermore, I don’t think this percentage includes the parties like this.
Where does it end? How dare he admonish us Great Unwashed to have skin in the game when he has none? I guarantee this–if he was having to foot the bill for these extravaganza and trips, he wouldn’t be doing this. But because he’s the worst sort of multimillionaire–a liberal elitist–it’s OK. And the media just keeps giving him a pass.


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