Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Posted: January 16, 2012 in liberals, politics
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I’m not politically correct. Never have been. I don’t see the validity in worshiping whole groups or cultures because it feeds some fuzzy notion of feel-goodness or something. Individuals are way more important. Something happened in the 70s that seemed to ramp up this idea that we must right the wrongs of the distant past by making holidays and having special months to ‘honor’ groups and cultures. I understand the logic in a way, but it’s bullshit in reality.
Take today, Martin Luther King day. It’s an official holiday–no banks, services, mail, etc. For one man. One person. We don’t honor the people who laid everything on the line for us to even have a country with days off or parades but we’re willing to set aside a day for one person. Why? What did MLK really do? He traveled around, gave speeches, preached nonviolent methods to bring about change. That’s laudable. But does he deserve a day? No…not by himself. Why not include other people like Rosa Parks? Her courageous actions were, in my opinion, more of a turning point in the struggle for civil rights than anything King did. He got all the attention with his marches and speeches, but what she did was so basic and simple that it was more powerful. She was a woman. On a bus. Who refused to give up her seat, which chivalry and decency should have enabled her to keep anyway. Or first come, first served. Whichever. What a powerful image. Yet she’s treated more as a footnote these days.

But MLK….we close businesses, we have parades. PARADES? Are you kidding me? We don’t even have parades for our people in uniform who are defending our rights to have these stupid exercises in political correctness. And look at MLK himself. He was a noted philanderer. He most likely plagiarized his doctoral thesis. He was a socialist. Yep…I can see now why the left pushed to have a holiday in his honor.
What about his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech though? Wasn’t that a huge, impassioned call to be treated fairly and worthy of a holiday? No…not one speech. Especially when people have ignored the main thrust of that speech. He wanted his kids to be judged ‘by the content of their character’ and not ‘the color of their skin’. But isn’t that the opposite of what we do now? Isn’t that what I said in this opening post? We kneel at the altar of group worship. We don’t even think of a person’s character, their abilities, or their accomplishments. What’s the most important thing IS the color of their skin, or what ethnic group to which they belong, or what cultural group, or what sexual orientation, and so on. I really don’t think that was MLKs dream. It’s the dream of leftists and progressives. Elevate things people can’t control while denigrating what they can. It’s also what’s brought us to the election of the most incompetent, idiotic, president in 30 years (since Jimmy ‘never met a dictator I don’t like’ Carter…Barack Hussein Obama. He was elected solely on the color of his skin for what did he accomplish? Did he start a business from nothing and run it successfully? No. Did he spearhead and run a successful charity that actually helped people? No. We know he went to and graduated from college but even as editor of the Harvard Law Review he never published anything. And as senator..another blank slate. It was all about ‘it’s time for a person of color’. I feel the same way when people say things like ‘it’s time for a woman’. Makes my teeth just grind.
Honor MLK if you wish, but don’t act like this ‘holiday’ is a good thing and means what it is supposed to. Because it’s all just feel good bullshit.


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