Speaking of dumb…

Posted: January 19, 2012 in liberals, politics
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I guess that’s the default narrative for all Democrat campaigns. Any opposition is dumb. The people who vote for the opposition are dumb. People who don’t understand the genius of the Democrat candidate are dumb. Can’t they come up with something better? Think about the last two candidates for which we have some sort of knowledge of their college days at least. Kerry and GWB. Since they both went to Yale it was pretty easy to compare apples to apples. Kerry’s average was 76 and GWB was 77. A photo finish. Neither one was a genius.
So far in this election cycle I haven’t heard much about any potential GOP candidate being dumb but it’ll come soon enough. Here’s the thing though. They better not go there because it could force the Obama campaign to produce something about their guy which they really don’t want to produce.

So for now…they are just going to stick to calling those of us who disagree with The One as dumb. It’s all they got.


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