Last night’s debate

Posted: January 20, 2012 in politics
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Right out of the gate. CNN’s John King leads off last night’s debate in SC with a question to Newt about his ex-wife’s allegations. I was in the other room but heard it in the background and I remember this feeling of absolute shock. Then I heard Newt begin his answer. A commenter on a live blog said he smelled spine and it smelled good. That’s the best way to put it.
Many of us are dog tired of the media attacks that are so hypocritical as to be beyond belief. How can they attack Newt on something that clearly is a personal matter, something that’s been probed before (years ago), yet anything about Clinton raping women or getting pleasured in the Oval Office was move along, nothing to see here? Want to pose a question about Obama’s past with regard to drug use, homosexual behavior, or religious beliefs (athiest)? You will be quickly shown the door. Want to talk about Keystone, Solyndra, F & F, etc. Crickets in the media.
It bears noting here that nothing Marianne Gingrich is saying now is different from what she’s said in the past and it wouldn’t hold up in court because it’s classic he said/she said. Nothing corroborates her statements. Yet the eager Obama lap dog media pounces on it, treats it as a new story and gospel to try and destroy Newt like they did Herman Cain.
Can it be any more obvious that not only the entitled elite GOP want Mittens (why is beyond me), but the leftist media and Democrats want a Romney-Obama matchup? I hope more people are seeing this and will vote accordingly. Too much is at stake.


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