Need more proof The One is given cover in the media?

Posted: January 21, 2012 in liberals, Obama, politics
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Check this out. While the media was focused on The Emperor’s singing ability, this is what was going on outside. Didn’t Obama, with Pelosi, Wasserman-Shultz and a host of other Democrats embrace OWS? Why then wouldn’t this protest be splashed all over the media like the attention they got last fall? One simple reason, it was not favorable to Obama. OWS served its purpose last year, it is not needed anymore hence the crackdowns in areas formerly favorable to the ‘movement’. Watch for very brutal takedowns if it becomes obvious OWS is hurting the Democrat party. OH…and according to Alinsky, rage is not sustainable and must go away after a while, otherwise it loses its punch.
A word of caution to OWS participants and others, be very careful. You all think you’re doing something good but you are merely useful idiots. Every country that eventually turned Communist used young people and others like this to sow discontent and when the hammer dropped, those were the first rounded up and sent away to the gulags. Those in charge know people like you are fickle and must be controlled, that you can turn on your overlords at any time and that can’t be allowed to happen. History will repeat itself if you don’t get a clue.


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