Posted: January 22, 2012 in conservatives, Economy, liberals, Obama, politics
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The best picture of how devastating “progressive” policies have been to our economy can be seen by looking at the data starting in 2007—when Congress became controlled by Democrats. First, some perspective. GWB was handed a recession from Clinton but you never heard GWB blame Clinton for that recession. GWB was handed, thanks to Clinton and Gorelick, a ‘wall of separation’ that ultimately lead to the 9/11 attacks yet you never heard GWB blame anyone. Moving forward, Bush became a lame duck president in 2007. Use the ‘net to go back and look at the Office of Management and Budget’s figures for the fall of 2007 forward. It’s easy to see the economy started go to off the rails as a direct result of the increasingly hostile to business Democrat Congress. Smart business people at all levels paid attention to what was going on in DC with regard to regulations, mandates, new laws, fees, etc. and started cutting back on expenses. Since nothing happens in a vacuum, what they weren’t buying (or hiring) caused the slowdown to accelerate as other companies had to start cutting back. As soon as it became obvious in the fall of 2008 that Obama was going to be elected (October 2008) the economy really began to take a nosedive, where it has been going since January 2009 when Barack “ready to rule” Obama was sworn in.
Obama has steadily used Executive Orders, layers of beaurocracy and federal departments to push his agenda when he couldn’t even get a Congress controlled by his own party to do his bidding. He has repeatedly ‘gone it alone’ as he said he would, to push his socialist/Marxist agenda. Now he has effectively shut down a pipeline project that would not only have put people to work but would have given us a measure of energy independence. Seventy percent of people polled want that project to go through. Today it was revealed he is planning to use the EPA to shut down up to 32 coal power plants. We get most of our power from coal. What happens then? To quote Obama himself, ‘prices will necessarily skyrocket’. Who is that going to hurt the most? Everyone who has little disposable income to handle any increase in bills will suffer for this decision. It won’t hurt Obama and friends. He’s killing jobs left and right, ensuring the cost of living keeps going up, while coddling our enemies. If that is the idea of someone who is doing a great job for our country the DSM-IV probably has a category now.


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