Fox News…a right wing outfit?

Posted: January 23, 2012 in News media, politics
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No…they’ve never been a ‘right wing news outlet’. They are to the right of NBCCBSABCPBSCNNMSNBC etc so I guess that kinda makes them right wing to those outlets. They have some ‘conservative’ commentators, Hannity comes to mind. But most of their other commentators go left or right depending on their POV–which is OK…it is their opinion (O’Reilly, Cavuto). Their actual news programming is pretty fair insomuch as I can’t say I’ve see a definitive bias like I do the other channels.
For over a year now though, there have been indications they were moving further to the left, I guess to get in line with the other Obama media and it seems now more info is coming out that this is indeed the case. Why did Beck leave? I didn’t always agree with what I heard Beck say (I can’t say I watch Fox with any regularity anyway—I much prefer the History Channel). I did think Beck’s announcement he was leaving was sudden. Now we are getting a better picture as to why. This is the second news article I’ve seen in as many days about Fox’s new drift to the left and Beck’s departure so I figured it was pretty newsworty.
Fox has been hiring leftist tools like Geraldo for a few years now. This latest addition is strange for a network the left likes to claim is right wing. You don’t get more left wing than Sally Kohn, unless your Obama or Soros himself.
I do have some relatives who aren’t going to like this at all but I always say don’t rely on just one source of information anyway. A bigger question to me is, if the only network which made an attempt at times to give a more balanced view goes away and the government is successful in getting their grubby mitts on the internet, will we ever get the truth about anything ever again? Scary thought.

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