I just don’t get the racism charges

Posted: January 23, 2012 in liberals, politics, racism
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First off…most people using that word have no fricking idea what it really means. We saw it in the 2008 election cycle. Anyone who criticized Obama in any way got that label. It scared some people. It scared some media outlets. But that’s politics. As long as they aren’t criticizing his looks, or anything else that’s personal, it’s fine. Criticize his policies, his past, what he has or hasn’t done. That’s OK. That’s how candidates are vetted. It’s why he wasn’t. Too many people were so afraid to raise any questions a normal candidate would have faced that to this day we still don’t know that much about his past.
It’s already ramping up again. I hope it doesn’t work though. Now he does have a verifiable record that can be examined. Pay no attention to the cries of racism from people like Jackson and Sharpton, who’ve made darn good livings at race baiting. Look at all the candidates. Ask questions, demand answers. And if they don’t answer to your satisfaction, ask yourself why? What are they hiding. Let the best person win. I really feel our country’s future depends on it.


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