Much ado about nothing

Posted: January 31, 2012 in liberals, Obama, politics

President Thin Skin indeed…..
We’ve heard a lot over the last few days since Dear Leader met with Jan Brewer on the tarmac over the now infamous finger wag. I’m not sure what the big deal is. I guess the leftists have their knickers in a twist because there’s a photograph showing the governor and President Thin Skin engrossed in some conversation and a pic was snapped while she had her finger up. Big hairy effing deal. Really…is there no form of normal conversational or gestural behavior that won’t be construed as racism where these tools are concerned?
So…let’s say for giggles here that it would always be inappropriate for people in authority positions to point fingers at other people. What would they say about this:
I believe that’s the Prime Minister of Canada and The One in a pic from 2010. Is Obama a raaaaaacist for pointing his finger at Harper?
I also remember an incident within the last year where a video showed him inappropriately touching someone else in a gesture I saw as threatening or intimidating. As a businessperson, that sort of behavior would be completely inappropriate. When I remarked to hubby, he felt the same way. But nary a word was said.

Let’s take this one step further. The liberal media is all atwitter over Brewer’s lack of cowtowing. So how did the liberal media treat a sitting president back in 2006? Well…take a look at the esteemed Brian Williams in this screen cap.

So there ya go, it’s OK for The One to wag his digits at the leaders of other countries or to show disrespect for governors of US states. It’s even ok for some crap hack journalist to wag his finger at a president. That’s as far as the wagging goes less liberals soil themselves in a collective whinefest. I mean, it’s not like he’s giving us the finger all the time eh?


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