This stuff writes itself

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Crazy shit

To many on the left, anyone who opposes gay marriage is just pure evil. Something about marriage being a ‘right’ in their eyes. Here’s the reality. Conservatives and independents don’t give a rat’s ass what you do behind closed doors. Consenting adults and all that. I don’t think many mind some sort of civil union. Whatever. That’s never been good enough though. They want church weddings sanctioned by a priest, pastor, reverend or somesuch. Well…if you believe in the Bible….it’s pretty clear on what’s deemed appropriate and a man laying with a man and a woman laying with a woman ain’t it. Besides, no animal in the animal kingdom practices homosexuality. None. That should tell us something.
So that brings me to what the point of all this is. The slippery slope. That’s what many of us who don’t agree with gay marriage see happening. It is aberrant behavior–whether you believe a person is born or made that way doesn’t matter. Many of us know and understand that as things like this are normalized, then other crap replaces it. Like this for instance.
What I find really just batshit crazy is there were people there playing music and celebrating with this demented woman. Following closely on the heels of this nutfest was some show the hubby had on where a woman was in love with what’s left of the Berlin Wall and some guy was kissing his antique VW Beetle. They even had a name for it. The woman was quite pleased with having a title for her shithouse rat craziness. I guess it made her feel special…or something. But anyway, once one weird ass thing becomes ok the bar moves. One question: Where does it stop?


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