Posted: February 3, 2012 in Green technology

This is what happens when government, ‘green’ technologies’ and taxpayer money collide. Seriously, can anyone tell me a ‘green’ technology that has yielded at least some benefit? Windfarms? They run on fossil fuels when there’s no wind and kill birds. Green cars? Most get their electricity from outlets…powered by fossil fuel power plants. And they catch fire. Solar panels? They take up a lot of room and really don’t give the bang for the buck. We looked in to panels for our pool. Found out that for the thousands of dollars we’d be laying out we’d get maybe two extra weeks a year. Big woo…. Solyndra, Ener1, A123 Systems, Fisker, Tesla Motors, Beacon Power, and Amonix are all companies given taxpayer money to the tune of billions each that have failed in their mission. Even countries like Denmark, held to be the prototype for wind energy by envirowackos here, has abandoned these as inefficient. Oh…and these things are ugly. What happens to them when their abandoned?
I don’t care if a private entrepreneur wants to sink their money in the development of a new technology. But people need to be more aware of where their tax dollars are going and demand our representatives stop this insanity. If an idea has legs, let private people take the risk and reap the rewards. Our government needs to get out of the business of thowing our money away.


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