Unemployment numbers part deux

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Economy, Obama

This was an interesting weekend. It would seem the much-ballyhooed unemployment numbers aren’t commanding the blind allegience hoped for by the liberal media and The One. I’m really excited about this because it would seem people are paying more attention and not accepting what is being put out there as truth. They also seem to be saying the same things—the economy still stinks and nothing has changed despite the official party line. Wow…maybe the big ol’ cluebat has finally hit folks over the head.
I got a fine email from one of the finest Democrat dog washers ever, Patrick Gaspard. Here’s his Wiki bio if you want to get an idea of what his possible point of view just might be on things. Anyway, Mr. Gaspard starts his drivel off with this: “On Friday, it was announced that we’ve hit our 23rd consecutive month of job growth. We’ve seen 3.7 million private-sector jobs created during that time.” Really? So…just to be fair, go to this link to see the chart put together by the WH. I honestly will not put up a picture of the official Odumbass chart because I’m not going to waste valuable space so go there if you want to see it. I will say I don’t know where they get their numbers because it’s complete bullshit. Look at this chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and tell me if the WH chart makes sense?
It’s painfully clear the WH and the LSM are not going to be honest about the actual jobs record of Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress from 2007 to 2011. They just stopped counting people who used to have jobs but aren’t looking any more. If they did, the unemployment numbers would exceed those of the Great Depression and they cannot have that.
One other question. Where the hell are the Republicans on this? With the exception of Rep. West, there’s been hardly a peep. They are dumber than a box of rocks aren’t they? They should be utilizing every outlet imaginable to point out how wrong the WH is, but it’s like they’re asleep. They complain about the lack of leadership from Obama but I’d have to say they aren’t very leaderly themselves. It’s like they want to lose….. We cannot take four more years of Executive Orders and “going it alone”. Vote accordingly.


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