And still more on unemployment

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gosh, there’s apparently more I didn’t know about the hinky job numbers put out by the WH and trumpeted by the LSM. Who’d a thunk it, right?
For instance, I didn’t know that in the past, states reported their unemployment to the Feds and this was then compiled and released. Doesn’t happen anymore. The Obama administration took this duty away from individual states and they do the reporting now. Really getting interesting eh?
While the percentage of unemployed officially went down, according the Obama, over 1 million people dropped off the unemployment rolls. One.Million. I think that may explain how that percentage was calculated. If they dropped off, we don’t count them. Got it?
There’s an interesting statement at the very end of this article from the LA Times. “With the latest job gains, total payrolls in the nation stand about 5.6 million less than at the start of the recession in late 2007.” So if there are fewer people on payrolls, how is unemployment going down if the population of the US has increased?
Oh well, if you feel like getting more info, or just being more depressed about our Liar-in-Chief with his sychphantic media enablers, go here.
One last thing too. When asked about the people not included in the numbers, Jay Carney, Obama’s chief minion, said that people dropping out of the workforce was a good thing. HUH?
BTW… again where is the GOP on this? Stupids.


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