This is good news

Posted: February 7, 2012 in politics

When the book is written on the corruptocrat administration in power now, it’s going to be a doozy.
Several states have lawsuits pending against the Feds for all sorts of things and now SC has filed a lawsuit against the Holder (In)justice Department for blocking their voter ID law. Good. More states need to keep the heat on.
This was purely political on the part of the Feds. Anyone with functioning neurons could see this. But that won’t stop morons like Sheila Jackson Lee from whining about racism, Jim Crow, and whatever else she can. Par for the course.
I hear it over and over these days though. People asking why they have to give their ID for everything from a simple purchase, to security screenings, to application for a driver’s license or insurance information but something that should be sacred, voting, in the minds of liberals shouldn’t have the least amount of protection from fraud. Probably because if people have to show ID, then there’s less chance they’ll get the deceased votes, the illegals, the criminals, etc. Project Veritas has done some remarkable exposes on the lack of scrutiny adn outright fraud committed in the name of Democrats. More here and Project Veritas.


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