Time to turn my attention to a piece of crap…

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Green technology

…known as the Chevy Volt. I think this car is a perfect icon of the Obama Administration. It’s a piece of crap from the word go but was promoted as the next great thing.
I believe in the free market. If people want something and that something is viable, an entrepreneur will figure out a way to create it, market it, and make money. What is that saying about necessity being the….? People would probably buy an electric care IF that car made its own electricity and was reliable. Current technology doesn’t allow for that. Which leads me to believe that there’s no one out there with an idea of how to make this work and they aren’t working on it for that very reason.
Our idiot leader and government wankers though think it’s their duty to toss taxpayer money at the flawed technology and somehow people are going to flock to dealerships. We’ve seen this over and over but I’ve never seen it at the level that the Obama Administration pushes. I wonder how much of taxpayer money has been flushed on green projects? A trillion? Who knows. What really chaps my buns is when it comes time to cut expenses, you know like you would do if you found your fundage short, they just can’t seem to find one area to cut. Stupids.
What got me to thinking about the Volt again was a story that popped up on the wires today. I find this hilarious….and sad.


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