Urban legends, hoaxes, and so on

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Crazy shit

I have some dear friends who send all sorts of mail out. One in particular makes it a habit of sending things that are urban legends, internet hoaxes, chain mail, and so on. It was amusing back in 1995 to get any email. It’s not now. I’m not a hugely savvy person but even I figure out when something just doesn’t sound right. It’s too easy to check out emails that get circulated like the one purporting to be from Dr. Walter Williams, a conservative scholar and economist, where he writes why Obama will be re-elected. Just reading the first few lines I knew Dr. Williams could not have written this piece. Just too many red flags.
I know people mean well when they forward information about toilet spiders, thugs hiding in the back seat of your car, and articles allegedly penned by pundits making all sorts of claims, but really…it’s too easy to check this stuff out these days.
If you are guilty of forwarding emails with dire predictions, do us all a favor. Before you hit that send button, pull up a Bing search page and do a quickie search on the content. You may find more often than not it’s BS and you’ll be enlightened and save us all the extra deleting that inevitably comes from seeing this stuff hit our inbox.
OH…and one other thing, if you MUST forward something, please delete all previous email addresses. I will not look at anything anymore when I have to scroll through acres of other addresses to find the content. That is all.


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