Gun Control

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Gun Rights

Been thinking about this gun control thing and a story popped up about former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanual and his efforts in Chicago to deal with private gun ownership. I’ve maintained all along that when laws allowing law-abiding citizens to have guns are on the books and it is known people may be packing, criminals move on. Take the data illustrated on this chart for instance.

I feel sorry for people in Chicago, to a degree. They will have some unpleasant consequences to deal with if this happens.

Another question that comes to mind. Years ago it was decided that requiring potential voters to pay a fee to vote was a way DEMOCRATS used to prevent minorities from voting—an illegal poll tax. Voting in a Federal election isn’t a right enshrined within our Constitution by the way. However, the right to own a gun is. Yet politicians are enacting laws where potential gun owners must pay a fee for the right. How the hell is that not illegal?
Anyway, Wayne LaPierre gave a speech at CPAC yesterday that outlined the Obama agenda for a second term. I don’t think he’s fearmongering on this. Every now and again a comment will leak out from some Obama offical which either hints at or outright states what they want to accomplish. We’ve been warned.


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