Just mind boggling

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Obama, politics

Remember back during the 2008 election some intrepid folks posted information on some campaign contributions to Obama that were fishy…they came from people in Gaza. Let’s not forget the credit cards people found that were charged without their consent for contributions. Remember too how McCain (the loser) had his books examined by the Feds but they refused to look at Obama’s. Hinky things like that. Well….now we have this story that I’m sure won’t get any traction but is just so scary in its implications and explains an awful lot.
I don’t know what to say anymore other than this president, aided and abetted by thousands of people who are clamoring for power over the rest of us, are among the most corrupt, the most reprehensible, most evil bastards to ever walk this earth. Honestly. Minus the mass extermination of people (which will probably come if they can outlaw private ownership of guns), what is different in the level of corruption between Obama and people like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, etc? We just live in a fantasy world here where we think evil people only exist in Europe. It can’t happen here. But it is. What the hell do you think will happen if Obama gets another term? He’s done nothing but shit on the Constitution from Day One. He rules by EOs. He uses an increasingly bloated bureaucracy to do his bidding when the Legislature won’t. If another judge on the SC retires, he’ll just appoint another miscreant and the dumbass Republicans will roll over and rubber stamp his selection.
I’m just tired. Sick and tired of this crap. The next election could very well be the last time we ever have a chance to turn the clock back and given the weakness of the Republican candidates I’m not hopeful. Last decent person out don’t forget to turn off the lights. Ecuador is looking better and better.


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